In the company of Legends.... when was your last time?

20th October 2013

How many times in your life have you been in the company of Legends?

Can I be a bit more specific. When was the last time you stood three foot away from a Legend whilst he performed his magic just for you. Or so it seemed :-)

Well for me (and a small group of like-minded people) it was last night. This happened just up the road from you... and you didn't make the effort to attend. SHAME ON YOU!

The Fermain Tavern promoted what was perhaps their greatest ever gigs over the weekend. You can imagine they must have been good for them to top the pile of great gigs at 'the Tav'.

In case you missed the news about who was on stage I'll help you out. It was the Norman Watt-Roy Band. Norman is that rare thing... a true Legend of a Bass player. If you haven't heard of him? SHAME ON YOU!

But that wasn't all. Norman was joined on stage by another true Legend and close friend. Wilko Johnson returned to the famous stage. He once again captivated the crowd. It was the work of a Legend... you haven't heard of him? SHAME ON YOU!

Maybe I should take delight in the fact that there's a relatively small group of musically educated and motivated people that follow the music scene. After all it makes us feel more privileged to have such legendary musicians perform in this intimate setting, just for us. How lucky are we!

On the Saturday evening the Fermain Tavern was also the chosen place for a good night out by another true Legend. Sir Bradley Wiggins had decided the Tav was the place to chill.
.... you haven't heard of him? ... you know what I'm thinking!

So I ask you again. When was the last time you were in the company of Legends?

For me it was last night!

I've added a few pictures of the Norman Watt-Roy band with their special guest Wilko Johnson to my galleries...