Inter-insular Squash pics are now online......

17th March 2017

Here we go then... I've added a new picture gallery featuring the 2017 Inter-insular Squash between Guernsey v Jersey.

Guernsey came out on top but it went right down to the wire in a very close competition.

Squash is played at very high speed. That fact alone makes photography a challenge.

When you add to the mix that most basic courts can only be seen from above - looking at the back of the head of competitors - it is almost impossible to capture a great image.

Just two of the courts at Beau Sejour have glass backs. Now that is an improvement but it still makes photography a struggle. The majority of time during a game, spectators and photographers are still just looking at players backs.

Then the other major factor is that the glass is usually far from crystal clean. No, it is usually smeared with grease and sweat... in fact is makes a perfect 'soft focus' filter!

But all of this isn't enough to put off a dedicated photog so I actually made two visits to Beau Sejour during the day. These were split by another sports photography job.

My congratulations go to the Guernsey and Jersey Squash teams as your joint efforts produced a great competition.

My pics are now online. Hopefully they aren't too far into soft focus!