Inter Island Kart Championship a great success....

31st May 2016

The Inter Island Kart Championship proved to be exciting and entertaining for the large number of spectators who lining the track. They were treated to fantastic close racing on the newly re-surfaced and extended 'Track' at Victoria Avenue.

Tarmac Services had completed the job in time to allow the running of the Inter Island competition on the new layout which proved to offer extra overtaking opportunities. This promises to maintain the interest of drivers... and maybe even tempt a few to return to the sport?

The majority of the days racing was of a high standard showcasing the talent from our two Islands. Only a rather poor incident near the end tarnished what was a well run, exciting and competitive meeting.

Oh, and to top-off the historic day..... Guernsey won the trophy :-)

Afterwards I spoke to many of the local and visiting Jersey drivers and support teams and the overwhelming feeling was that the event was a great success and is a 'grower'. Bring on 2017!

Channel Island Karting is going to be the ultimate winner.

I've added a gallery featuring the Inter Island Kart Championship...