Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Racing Powerboat...

19th May 2014

When is a boat not a boat but more like a plane?

Answer, When it's a Racing Powerboat!

Air offers less friction than water so I guess the less time you spend in contact with the wet stuff the faster you can go (potentially).

I'm sure it is a bit more complicated than that but seeing how hard the racers try to spend as much time airborne as is physically possible I can't be too far wrong.

The second Guernsey Powerboat Association race of the weekend was again treated to suberb, sunny weather. A little more swell outside St Peter Port added to the action and I captured as much as I could.

Big thanks to Chris Stonebridge for finding space on his small boat for me... (NOT 666 SLAYER that Paul Etasse races, shame)!

So I was lucky to get out on the water for a second day. However I needed all my years of shooting experience to nail the shots whilst using a 400mm lense on such a wobbly platform.

Loved the challenge though... see if you think it was worth my efforts...