Is it Jazz? Is it Funk? Lets add a little Rock....

19th January 2013

Twelve Tribe Mansion introduced their debut 'self-titled' Album to a very enthusiastic and large audience a few days ago at The Fermain Tavern.

The trio of highly competent and well matched instumentalists have only had about a year together but in that time they have clearly built a strong following. This is made more noteable when you consider that the bands 'songs' have no vocals!

If you sat around a table in your favourite pub, beer in hand, trying to think of a formula for your new Band it is unlikely that you would consider setting up an instrumental group... certainly not if you were hoping to appeal to the masses!

But every rule is there to be bent and broken and Sam McKerrell, Tom Bradshaw and Simon Howitt have hit on a perfect and unusual balance in their sound. I can only describe their music as being Jazz, Funk, Rock with great dynamics and a movement that seems to roll along without ever missing a vocal layer.

These guys have proven that quality nomally does rise to the top and a Band can reach out to an audience who didn't even know they were 'into' Jazz-Funk before they heard it :-)
Top stuff guys.

Twelve Tribe Mansion were supported by Bright_Lights on the launch night. They are also worth catching again.

Pics of the two Bands can be viewed here: