It beats mowing the lawn on a bright and sunny day.....

16th April 2016

Now I guess many of us got the mower out of the shed this weekend as the weather was nice and bright and dry.

Luckily I had managed to find time during the week to cut my own lawns... and very smart they look too :-)

This meant I had the opportunity to capture another use of a lawn mower. You didn't think they were only good for cutting grass, did you?

No, men still being boys at heart can find other uses for a ride-on mower. It's just a case of taking off the sharp 'cutting bits' and you are ready for the action.

Of coarse a few go-faster stripes always help! Oh, and why not add a bike engine for a few more horses?

Even after investing in a few stick-on stripes Mower racing can be a really cheap way to go racing and 'smiles-per-pound' it probably can't be beat.

Today I photographed the GK&MC Mower race meeting that took place on a section of the Motocross track at Pleinmont. I think this Motorsport is a grower :-)

Check the Gallery for all the action: