It could have been another great one... better luck in 2014?

23rd June 2013

Yesterday represented the biggest disappointment in my photographic year. At least so far!

This was due to the abandoning of the Condor Ferries British Sand Ace Championships.

No blame can be made for this unfortunate fail, it was simply a case of this sort of thing being a part of Motor Sport... thankfully very rarely.

I suppose the signs were bad right from the start as the morning's weather wouldn't of been out of place in November. This was such a contrast to 2012's Sand Ace in 'flaming June'.

Whilst the conditions dampened the initial energy and anticipation in the pits, once the practice laps began to clock up there was little doubt that we were going to enjoy a few hours of high class racing by a large entry which included some of Europe's top 500cc Solo Riders and 1,000cc Sidecar Crews.

As the qualifying heats began (heats as in racing - certainly not from the sun!) we were all distracted from the cold, the high wind and occasional rain. Everything was going well... and I was in my element :-)

Then the racing had a couple of spanners chucked into its spokes after two of the Sliders had nasty accidents that required hospital runs. These things happen sometimes with any Motor Sport but when you are racing on a beach the disruptions take on quite a different importance as the tide turns and makes its unstoppable advance back up the sand.

After much effort another Ambulance crew and Paramedic couldn't be arranged in time to allow the racing to continue.

So the British Sand Ace Championships failed to run to the promised climax. The end was as damp and limp as the weather.

Hopefully it will be judged as an unavoidable coincidence of bad luck. The Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club have decades of experience in running beach racing and can offer last years highly successful British Sand Ace Championship as proof that, given the chance, they can run a race meeting worthy of a National status.

We will all be keeping our fingers crossed for better luck in 2014.

I've now sorted my pictures of the Sand Ace... and I'm really pleased with some of them considering the low amount of opportunities offered by the limited runs and the fact that it was raining for many of them!

The Condor Ferries British Sand Ace Championship picture galleries are now on-line: