It was a damp end to a days Hillclimbing...

04th May 2015

What a shame about the Guernsey Spring weather.

I suppose we all think that once April is out of the way that the Summer has arrived. Of course that is really just a bit of wishful thinking. Last weekend seems to confirm that they aren't just 'April Showers'.

So all the events I attended were affected to some extent by damp conditions. In the case of the Hillclimb I guess we were lucky that it was well into the afternoon before the heavens opened by which time the competitors all had what was going to be their best time of the day.

This inevitably resulted in so many 'no-shows' coming to the start-line that racing finished early.

From my part I was relieved that the effort of carrying my umbrella around all day paid off as I avoided getting too wet. I still had more than enough shots in-the-can and those endeavours are now on-line: