It was Guitars drawn at noon for Battle of the Bands....

06th August 2012

Guernsey Gigs organised the return of the 'Battle of the Bands' format to the Guernsey live music scene last weekend.
The latest shoot-out was held at the KGV and, from what I saw, it was a great success.
With eleven bands and solo artists taking to the stage there was a guarantee of having many supporters and family attending to support their favourites.
I was only able to spend about half the time at the gig but enjoyed the great mix of performers.

The winning title went to the popular RentOClean. I will reveal that this was the Band that got my vote. They are a 'good-time' band, lively, funky and funny. They get people on their feet and partying.... there is never anything wrong with that :)

Other Bands also deserved my vote but we only had one each!
Having seen the success and interest in BotB's we can hope that it will become an annual event again.
Well done to all those who helped to organise it.... and of course the Bands.

I have added a new Gallery of pictures of the Bands I saw. Dealer's Left, The Phantom Cosmonaut, The Dead Beats, RentOClean, Part in Paris and Lifejacket.