It wasn't a Sprint for me... not with that hill!

24th September 2014

The GK&MC Alderney Airport Speed Event was no Sprint (for me).

Friday dawned and I had a relaxed breakfast at Braye Beach Hotel (a very nice Hotel, by the way). Then it was time to hit the road to photograph the Speed (Sprint) Event up near Alderney Airport.

I packed my back-pack to include everything that I could possibly need and then started the long walk up Fort Tourgis hill. As I progressed the sun stated that it was going to make its presence known by blazing down onto the shade-less northern isle. Oh, I forgot to pack the sun-cream :-(

The trek up the endless hill sapped my energy and I was already fatigued when I reached the top. But then the action started and the adrenaline began to flow and Alderney did what it does so well. It offered its visitors the hospitality and access that make the GK&MC annual visit such good fun. The short 'track' heading away from the Airport towards Fort Tourgis Hill is fast and offers a critical heavy breaking point into a sharp right-hander. Get it right and the time is good. Get it wrong (and many did) and you will stand no chance of setting a fast time.

I have to say that this years visit was as good as any before it... maybe even better. I spoke to a couple of Alderney Motorsport 'virgins' and they were already promising to be back next year.

That should say it all. The effort and cost that we all have to make to visit our sister island are huge... but I promise you it is worth it :-)

I've now added another picture gallery of the weekends racing...