It'll never last...... ha,ha

15th September 2013

This speed of updating my Galleries will never last! Particularly as it has been at the expense of leaving other important updates waiting patiently on my hard disks... notice the plural. I always backup everything, just in case.

So I apologise that the promised Vale Earth Fair pictures - and there will be loads, the last Kart Club Hill Climb and Jersey Dead pics are still on the 'to-do' list.

The decision to upload the latest photoshoots at the expense of the 'to-do' list was made so that I don't put any more updates into the pending folder.

All this energy (I don't know where I found it!) means the I have already added today's Round-7 of the Karting Championship into the picture Gallery.

There was plenty of action and I managed to capture a bit of it... but that is my job, eh!

Hope you like the latest pics...