It's a Bank Holiday... that means rain

30th May 2017

There's a theme here.

We start off with all the anticipation ahead of a busy Bank Holiday weekend.

It's always going to be none-stop action as many sporting and music events seem to get organized to take advantage of an extra day of leisure... if you're not a photographer that is!

Even though the holiday weekend means an overload of work for me I still look forward to them.

The bit that isn't so appealing is that by some freak of nature the holiday weekend seems to get more than its fair share of bad weather and rain!

So I guess I should have known that the waterproof kit would get an outing at least once... and it did. In fact the rain was so torrential on Sunday that the Powerboat racing had to be stopped because the visibility was so bad the safety crews couldn't see the racers!

In the end there was plenty other action to fill three full days so I was happy. It is only now that the editing has to be completed that I'm less enthused.

But I've been covering Bank Holidays for long enough to know the score and the only way to get through to the end is to stick at it. The end will come into view in a couple of days.

It is more straight forward for you. All you need to do is pop along here to this News page every now and then and I'll post a link to my new pics for you to view at your leisure. That's what Bank Holidays are all about :-)

So far the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club's Hillclimb pics are online. View them here: