Its all about the fun.... Biker style......

24th July 2015

Sunday afternoon at Chaos is the traditional time for fun and games... biker style!

Everyone is chilled and tired after two days of partying so there is no rush... just time to chill and have a bit of fun.

The trike is sure to make an appearance with its weird steering. Never an easy ride when your sober... add a few beers and its great entertainment :-)

The Tug of War proves that adults and kids are not so different after all :-)

Then the industrial grade Chilli eating contest separates the men from the boys...

Whilst the Greenman Chaos Festival 'headlines' that it is all about the bikes and the bands I think it is all about the general vibe and inclusive atmosphere. I haven't been on a motorbike since my teens (if I did get back in the saddle I think I would quickly become a statistic!) however the Greenman is always welcoming.

Next year you must pay it a visit...

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