It's nice to be missed...

10th April 2014

Contrary to what some may be thinking, I haven't been on holiday. In fact I can't remember the last time I went on one! Perhaps the need for a holiday is reduced when every day (of work) seems a bit like fun. Lucky me!

You might have thought I was on a break if you have tried to view this web-site in the last few days... it had disappeared :-(

I won't begin to try and understand, let alone try to explain, what happened but it seems that some web 'DNS stuff' went haywire. By the way, the 'DNS stuff' was the technical term used by my professional web-site designing son. He knew he had to keep it simple if I was to understand anything.

One thing that an untimely breakdown like this does is remind me of how many viewings the Galleries have each day. The daily figure varies between 5,000 and the best ever of over 40,000!!

It also makes me feel 'wanted' (ah, sweet) because I received quite a number of e-mails from people complaining that they couldn't see their pics.

Now everything seems to be getting back to normal (hopefully) I have added a new Gallery with pics of the weekends Sprint racing at Vazon, enjoy: