It's raining... time for more editing!

08th September 2017

Sometimes I wake up with the very best of intentions.

This is quite a rare thing so I normally like to make good use of this infrequent phenomenon.

This morning I woke up surprisingly fresh after enjoying a night out with my missus and oldest son Steve and his missus Vicky. We always enjoy their company and last night involved a lovely meal together with ample red wine, gin & tonics and Guinness. Just the usual night out with the kids then!

Actually it was a great improvement on the last time we enjoyed their company. On that occasion, after a wonderful home-cooked meal together with ample G&T's, my missus had a little fall and ended up in A&E with a broken wrist! Needless I didn't let her move about unsupported this time!

But I've digressed so back to my original comment. I awoke this morning with genuine intention to tidy up my garden which is showing signs of neglect after the last two months of my busy schedule.

However the urge to get on top of the garden disarray was soon dampened after I looked out of the window. It was raining heavily!

So that sees me back here in the studio in front of the amazing SpectraView 4K screens completing more of the backlog in editing. The garden is going to have to wait another day.

The beneficiary of all this is the 2017 Vale Earth Fair picture gallery. Whilst it is still only half finished I thought I'd put up a link in this Blog.

So far the featured Bands include: SoPM, The Crowband, Sugar Slam, Le Quartarette, Hot Plastic, Robert J Hunter, Phantom Cosmonaut, and Tree House Fire.

Take a look at the first pics here: