I've discovered a new talent......

06th August 2016

I've just discovered that I have a new talent... and it's a bit special.

It's one of those amazing abilities that you dream about as a child and now, at the ripe old age of sixty-one, I've just found it!

How would you like to be able to see into the future too?

Well I promise that if you follow my advice you too can possess the same super-power!

All I had to do was to attend the School of Popular Music's Summer Party at the legendary Fermain Tavern last night.

The SoPM's young and energetic team had organized the evening to show-case six of their new bands. There was huge support given to all the young performers who were treated to a full stage sound system and lighting all controlled by pro technicians. How lucky were they!

If that opportunity didn't fire up their passion for live music I don't know what else would.

To get back to my original point I think that last night I saw into the future of the Guernsey music scene and it looks good.

In fact my guess is that the talent on show could be destined to even bigger things. Maybe there was a future chart-topper among them?

... but that's just a bit too far into the future for me to see yet :-(

Follow this link to see into the future with me: