I've ticked another box...

15th April 2018

I love it when I can tick another photographic box. One of the joys of being a self employed pro photographer is that I'm free to work when and where I choose... as long as someone will buy my pics!

Luckily for me an opportunity came on Saturday to photograph a sport that, somehow, I hadn't covered before... and I was getting paid to do it! Tick that box.

Perhaps just as importantly this 'new' sport was a great challenge as the action came fast - and close, more about that later.

As part of a very busy weekend one of my assignments was to cover the women's and men's Volleyball Inter-Insular's at Beau Sejour.

Actually, to be correct, I was only asked to photograph the first game but I was having so much fun trying to follow the action that I stayed on to photograph the men's game too. That was even faster and challenging!

It was during this game that the play got a bit too close. I was following the sports photographers mantra of 'get as close to the action as possible and safe... then take one step closer'!

One of my viewpoints was standing near the net. This was working for me as so much of the game centers on that part of the court. However as play switches from side to side so quickly it is impossible to twist around to follow the play. I found it best to concentrate on one team/side at a time.

What I hadn't considered was that whilst keeping my Nikon D5 firmly to my eye I was giving myself a blind spot to what was happening on the other side of the net.

I soon paid the price as a Jersey player... I'm sure he wasn't just having a go at a Guern... overshot the sideline after lunging at the ball then powered into my ribs! It was quite a shock I can tell you!

It was a jolt that I didn't need as I'm currently very tender with a touch of suspected pleurisy... ouch. Now everyone say 'ah, poor thing'!

Now I'm fully dosed up with antibiotics and painkillers I've edited the Volleyball pics and they are now online here: