Jersey Live.... alive and well on its 10th Birthday - and I got the T-Shirt!

03rd September 2013

Just back from a few days working in Jersey at the 10th Jersey Live Festival.

This was my sixth time working for the two Warren's who's brainwave it was to establish a 'top notch' Music Festival in Jersey. During the six years I have spent taking pics in Jersey I have notched up many, many days on the Festival site on the public days but also the build and strip-down days.

With this privileged access I have been left in no doubt about the unbelievable amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to present two full days of entertainment.

Now I'm back home looking though the pics remembering the highlights and recalling some fantastic moments. I was even told by Warren Le Sueur that I am now 'part of the furniture'.... does that mean that I'm put in a dark corner, forgotten about, never polished and sat on occasionally? We'll see :-)

It was great to re-acquaint myself with friends I have made over the years. Many of the Crews (UK based photographers, stage hands, builders and security teams) return each year and always speak highly of just how well run Jersey Live is. I party and breakfast with them, believe me when I say that there are some memorable characters!

The Festival site layout had, once again, been 'tweaked' and I think it was the best yet.

The 2013 Festival was made a bit more special for me as I was given the honour of having one of my pictures printed on the 10th Anniversay Jersey Live T-shirt!

But enough of my ramblings. Later I will have a bit more to say as I upload the many pics.

For now here are a couple of the Saturday night head-liner 'Fatboy Slim'.... mega!

Pictures of Jersey Live 2013 will follow as soon as possible..........

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