Joe Corbin feels the blues.....

19th April 2012

After watching any performance by the gifted singer/guitarist Joe Corbin you are left in no doubt that this young performer feels the Blues.
Joe has been making a short return visit to Guernsey and he joined up with some of the guys from Spoonful, a band he played in before leaving the island, for a relaxed night at The Fermain Tavern. There was a good turn-out.
Now I admit that I never need any convertion to liking the Blues. But, it is a style that requires the artist to live and feel it to add the final ingredient to the mix. Some people have 'got it', some haven't!
Joe has buckets full. His guitar play is magical, he shows his emotions and he looks the part.
The complete package? You make your own mind up next time there is any opportunity to see him.
For now, you can take a look at a few pics in a new Gallery