John Wesley Stone now have a picture Gallery...

28th March 2011

The list of Bands that still need to be added to this new web site remains very long, but I have just ticked another off with the addition of a Gallery featuring John Wesley Stone.
A few weekends ago I photographed the Band at a gig in the Grande Rock Bar & Bistro. As always it was a lively one! The problem for me was that it was really dark... no exageration! I have to thank Nikon for getting me a few 'keepers'. The D3s is a star performer in low light conditions.
I have also played around with a few of the pics - I think the 'grungy' style suits the band. I very rarely have time to make any changes to pictures and almost all those you see on this site are straight out of the camera. It has been fun to get back into Photoshop.
The JWS Gallery also features pics from my archives.