Just back from another brilliant Alderney Motor Sport weekend...

18th September 2011

The Guernsey Kart & Motor Club extended the annual visit to Alderney to three days this year.
So it all kicked off on Thursday with the Sprint event at Fort Corblets in great, sunny conditions.
This particular Sprint will remain in my memory (or nightmares) for some time I think as the the moment I learnt when it was best to stop taking pics and run!
Chris Pommier had the back-end of his Westfield step-out on the first bend and he then became a passenger as the car started a massive slide down the track. I was in the perfect position to take pics but the car headed straight towards me! I continued to grab a couple more shots before the car was launched into the air... I turned and sprinted... the car landed exactly where I had been standing.
That was a close one!
The pics of Chris's off will follow tomorrow. The first Galleries feature the Two-Day Hill Climb at Fort Tourgis. Check them out here: