Kaiser Chiefs... a Festival Band of note!

01st July 2012

The Kaiser Chiefs were the eagerly awaited headliners for the 2012 Guernsey Festival.
Their reputation as an anthemic festival band had gone before them... but would they disappoint?
Well, there never was a risk of that really. Other than the rumour that went around the festival site that they would not go on stage until the England v Italy game was over!
Of course they turned up and did their thing.
The band has a book full of 'sing-a-long' numbers to keep any crowd happy - and they loved it. The performance filled the stage, indeed the whole 'big top'!

So a fitting end to the second Guernsey Festival which, once again, bought many quality acts to our little island. Already the speculation has started about another in 2013.
Will it happpen? I hope so. But the twin brothers, Jon & Paul Stephen, will need our encouragement as it is a massive commitment for them.
Make your voices heard!
I have now updated the Guernsey Festival picture galleries with pics of Kaiser Chiefs, The Selecter, San'Jyla, Utah Saints, Maverick Sabre, Little Barrie, The Spindle Sect, Wrongdom meets Deemas J, Mt. Wolf and Festival hosts Janice Long & Wes Butters.