Karting at the Track.... from a new angle

30th May 2013

One of the hardest things about my job is the repetition.

OK, I'll concede that this is probably true of just about anybody's work. It is almost inevitable that 'an average week' will include quite any element of routine.

The difficulties presented to us photographers... who consider ourselves to be some of the 'creatives' in this world (NOTE TO SELF: Andrew, you're beginning to sound a bit pretentious!) is that we are always trying to find different and new ways of capturing whatever genre of photography we pursue.

This is, in a nutshell, exactly what makes my continued coverage of Motor Sport sometimes difficult to keep enthusiastic about.

Whilst there is an amazing amount of Motor Sport organised in the Channel Islands, after many years of shooting mainly the same competitors at the same venues - usually in the same racing cars/karts/bikes... you get the idea. It often feels like I have already 'got that shot' in my database of pics!

However, whilst sometimes I struggle to motivate myself out of the door for another event I still do get a real buzz from being close to the action and also being part of the Motor Sport scene.

The other challenge to keeping me interested in returning to another event is the knowledge that sales of my pics will be minimal :-(

It would be great if you racers helped me to justify the time and money spent on photographing your racing. It is quite a frustration knowing how many pics are simply copied off my web site - horrible watermark and all - when for just a couple of quid you can get a properly optimised version, without the watermark and at a bigger size than my web site displays.

I apologise for the lecture but it's of my chest..... for now :-)

Getting back to the challenge of keeping interested in taking action pics.

I was really pleased with last weekends Karting shots. The Track has a very small number of successful shooting positions so I really enjoyed using a new position that has only just become available since some conifers had to be felled after getting damaged in the heavy snowfall.

This new spot allows an angle of view that offers a chance to capture what I call a 'stacked' shot of Karts in line. I like the results. Please take a look and see what you think: