Keep Music Live...... is it a 'grower'?

05th January 2013

No I don't mean does it grow tomatoes! I'm not sure our Island even has any 'old school' growers left?

What I am talking about is Mark Guillou's latest project, Keep Music Live.

The man who has bought us 'Rock of Ages' presented two nights of music at the Fermain Tavern this weekend. All the signature elements of any gig that Mark backs were there... loads of bands, great sound and (I kid myself that this is especially for me)... great lighting. I'm one happy photog :-)

It is a shame that due to other 'togging commitments I was only able to pop in for a couple of bands but I was satisfied that if we can get the word out to the gig-goers on Guernsey we will have plenty to look forward to in 2013.

As always, these events will only survive if the guys who put in the effort to organise them are supported. Make it your new years resolution to spread the word. You can start now by 'liking' my blog and picture galleries :-)

I hope to see ya at loads of gigs in 2013. As Mark says... KEEP MUSIC LIVE...