Keep reading for my very own lesson in Physics....

04th October 2013

What is it they say... for every action there is an equal re-action. Or something like that.

OK, I should probably of checked this Law of Physics on-line first because it probably isn't right - but my ignorance is out there now!

The point I'm making is that our cousins in Jersey have proved my statement... well sort of. This isn't going well is it?

The reaction I am talking about is the one that responded, or maybe you could say retaliated to the success of Jersey Live. The full-size Jersey Live Festival is now in its tenth year and has established a formula that works. However it is mainstream, young, friendly and family oriented. This is not a problem for me - but it leaves room for and alternative.

This is the spot that Jersey Dead aims to fill.

Dark and Heavy might go some way to describe Jersey Dead. Not something for the kids. However I loved it and feel that the contrast only goes to illustrate how the music scene really has something for all tastes.

To my mind that is GOOD.

I only managed to visit Jersey Dead for one night, but I did get some pics of Beef, Erebos, FlashMob, Harlequin Knights, Meansteed, Salem's Lot and Stone Em All.

And a hangover also came as part of the experience :-)