Le Mont Saint top the mount.....

13th May 2016

Le Mont Saint climbed the proverbial mountain to win the Orangefield Division One Basketball League at Beau Sejour in a close game against XTFL.

Before the game started there were a few permutations for the outcome of the league. But the bottom line was that if Le Mont Saint could secure a win against XTFL they would win the league and remove all the pressure from the equation.

If they failed in this then the league win would be out of their hands and the result would be decided by a following game.

Maybe this tension was the reason Le Mont Saint fell behind from the start. Le Mont Saint didn't play to their form until the final quarter when they finally appeared at the party and slowly managed to work themselves into the lead.

As a spectator... or should I say photographer, it was a great game to watch. A closely fought game will always thrill more than a walk-over. The Le Mont Saint supporters left drained but satisfied :-)

I've added a few pics to a new gallery: