Let the debate begin....

28th May 2014

Thanks for the response to my previous Blog. There has been some really interesting feedback.

However I think I should qualify what I originally said. Having re-read the post I feel that it can be interpreted as a put-down to hobbiest photogs.

This was certainly not the intention. I strongly believe that many of the most creative and talented photogs are amateurs. They thrive on their passion for the subject and revel in the freedom of shooting for their own pleasure. The quality of their results prove my point.

In contrast, there is an inevitable constraint that comes with professional photography. This comes with tight deadlines, tight briefs (not the underwear kind) and the need to guarantee the reliable completion of an assignment for a client. I know my own work was more varied before I needed to work within the limits of a brief.

Getting back to the intent in my original Blog. It was aimed more as a question and observation of the changes and added pressures that fall on a pro 'tog trying to work in this modern era.

Now that thought could open another completely new debate.

The question: Has the fast move to Digital photography and the proliferation of camera phones etc. helped move things forward for Professional photographers?

I'll start the ball rolling by stating that there is no way I would like to return to the 'good old days of film and the darkroom'.

So it seems that I can't have things both ways, can I?

Please feel free to pull my statements to pieces, I love a debate.