Let's do a few sums........

09th November 2012

I don't want to loose your attention this early in a Blog.... but I'd like to suggest we do a few 'sums'. So get the calculator ready!

Many of you buy a few of your favourite pics from me and thanks for that :-) What you do with them isn't really my business but I would love to think they took pride of place somewhere - even if it is on the Loo wall!

My guess is that many prints end up in a draw, creased and damaged. This shouldn't really bother me.
After all I've taken your money by then ;-)

But of course if you decide that money spent on a print is money wasted..... then that is a SERIOUS problem to me. You might not buy another print - EVER!

So time to get the calculator out. What if you bought 5 x A4 sized prints at £8 each. Total = £40.
This is no problem if the pics are kept in an Album, but it's too much to chuck in a draw.

Now for my 'hard sell'. Remember I was a retailer in a previous life!

Why don't you consider having a MONTAGE custom designed. The most popular format is using 5 pictures. Have you made the link yet? What you will get is an impressive and unique picture that will deserve a place on display.... it would even brighten up the Loo if that is the only wall space available.

Out with the calculator again... an A2 sized MONTAGE will cost you just £55. That is just fifteen quid more than the prints at the bottom of the draw. BARGAIN is what I say!

Best of all is that I can supply the MONTAGE already framed CHECK THE FRAMING OPTIONS HERE.
I buy the FRAMES direct from the manufacturer and pass on the LOW PRICES to encourage sales.
Add a BLACK BRUSHED SATIN FRAME to your order for JUST £35.

Christmas is coming.... I hope I have sown the seed for a few gift ideas....