Liberation Day 2018.... 17 hours of fun (for me)!

11th May 2018

Liberation Day in Guernsey is celebrated as our very own Bank Holiday each year on May 9th.

Whilst first-hand memories of the actual occupation grow fewer and fewer with each passing year this special day is still a good excuse to party!

The day also has several established Sports events to go along with the traditional historic cavalcade and live music.

This year the day started early for me as I was assigned to photograph the cycle race at the Imperial…. Up at 6am, that was a shock to the system!

Once those pics were in the can it was straight on to the Lib Day road race at the Houmet, then it was me racing up to The Last Post to meet a Guernsey Press reporter for a news item.

As some of the pics were needed for Thursday’s paper I completed a quick edit and tagging of those pics in the back of my studio van/office using mobile data on my phone to submit the pics.

Then it was off into St Peter Port with things not stopping until past midnight!

It was a very long day… about seventeen hours in all – but the infectious fun combined with the fine weather, smiles and partying kept me going!

I’m working through the edit and the first pics can be viewed here: