Liberation Day............ time for a bit of Sand Racing?

09th May 2013

If petrol runs in your veins.... or methanol if you are a Slider rider, you don't turn down a chance to race!

Guernsey's 'National Holiday' is always fixed on May 9th which was the day the Channel Islands were liberated from occupying forces at the end of World War II.

This year the tides seemed to offer the chance to get a few hours of Sand Racing on Vazon beach. So that's where I found myself and it turned out that it was the sunniest part of the day. Nice :-)

It would have been nice to see a few more sliders but the numbers were made up by the new Moto-X Class which is proving popular.

I enjoyed the bright light which helps make the colours more vibrant. There were also a few wet patches so it was fun trying to time a competitors splashes.... always adds a bit of drama!

I've already added picture galleries featuring the racing: