Life would be boring without taking The Risk....

21st December 2014

There are two roads to choose between in life. You can choose the safe route for a life that offers no high points and few memories.

Or you can take the risk... and follow the road to the Fermain Tavern to celebrate 30 years of high energy performance by The Risk. High points and memories will come aplenty along the way.

So no decision to make then. The Risk it is.

The band marked their three decades anniversary with a gig that did a good job of reproducing the vigour and verve that distinguished their early years. Mark even found himself rolling around the stage on his back. Why change a habit of a lifetime!

However three things have changed over the years... but they can all be counted as positives.

All the benefits gained over time are technological and each plays a part in raising the standards of a live performance.

Firstly, today's stage sound production is fantastic and really enhances the live experience.

Then you have two more improvements that a photographer appreciates.... that'll be me!

The latest LED stage lighting is a huge enhancement. Combine this new illumination with the latest digital cameras and the photographer is able capture pics that were never possible only a decade ago.

So there we have it. The Risk played an impressive set that reminded their supporters what had made them great... and modern tech rewarded the fans for hanging around for three decades!

The support acts were a varied mix of duo Blue Mountains (very good) and Citizen-X who showcased how much things have changed in thirty years of music production.

Definitely a night that memories are made from.