Like buses, you wait an age then three come along at once...

30th March 2013

Well I'm not complaining you understand, but having waited for the 2013 Guernsey Motor Sport season to start for proper, this weekend sees non-stop racing. Nice!

First on the list was the GK&MC Sprint meeting at Vazon coast road. It was cold.... very cold. Maybe it was even a bit too cold as there was a real lack of new records. I think we might have been spoilt by the last couple of seasons racing when so many new lows have been achieved.
It is far to early though to label the new season as ordinary yet!!!

With an Autocross race lined up for Sunday and the first Hill Climb of 2013 on Monday we are all going to be kept busy and entertained.

Talking about entertaining. Special thanks have to go to two competitors at the Sprint. Firstly to Richard Turk Vaudin who lit-up the rear tyre on his Hayabusa whilst warming it before a run. A mega burn-out would be good enough for most people... but Richard went one or two better than that by doing it one handed whilst creeping forward in total control. Stylish!
I got the pics.... job done :-)

But the prize has to go to Lee(three wheels on my wagon)Corbet who managed to lose a rear wheel half way down his run. The other one was also about to come adrift!
As no-one was hurt we can all have a laugh about it and I guess Lee is going to receive 'pay back' for his many years of 'taking the micky' out of other racers. Enjoy!
Full marks for style though as the tyre went though the finish and recorded a time, ha, ha.

It must have been my lucky day as I was also in the right place to capture pics of Lee's little mishap.
Sprint pics are now online: