Live music still rules, OK!

20th October 2014

Now I'd love to think that I had that sort of influence... but of course I don't :-(


It is just a coincidence that, after having had a moan in this Blog just last week about Guernsey's 'gig-goers' not making enough effort to support the live music scene, we saw perhaps the liveliest gig of the year at the Fermain Tavern on Saturday.

Could I really have made people get off their behinds.... as easily as that?

No. What we experienced was the golden mix of 'The Tav' booking a band that is well known (locally) with a special guest band that rocked this years Sark Folk Festival (that is if a folk band does actually 'rock'?)

I'd hate to be a gig promoter as clearly gig-goers are a fickle bunch. Killamonjambo, who were so poorly supported last week, are a great band and well worth following but the word simply hadn't 'got out there' locally with the resulting poor turn-out.

However it was all change on Saturday!

The popular Buffalo Huddleston were launching their Album 'Sunrise' at a party and it seemed like everyone was on the guest list. The Fermain Tavern was packed solid with a mass of fans. The contrast could not be greater. This is what a live venue should be like... and we all LOVED it!

The inspired booking of the night was to invite CC Smugglers along as special guests. This UK band is on the way up towards greater things and, as previously stated, they impressed the Sark Folk Festival crowd in the summer. In fact their set on Saturday was one of those that most other bands on a bill wouldn't want to follow. This band is really good live!

But of course it was Buffallo Huddleston's night and they more than justified their headlining status. They revelled in the attention with a familiar set of songs from 'Sunrise'.

So all the ingredients were in place and the dish was served. We gorged ourselves and went back for seconds.

Live music lives, and I'm a happy man.

Maybe I'll also kid myself that I had something to do with it too ;-)