Loads of action from the Hillclimb... even though we had a big hold-up :-)

07th April 2015

Now that is what I call a top weekend... or at least I will when my aching bones feel better ;-)

I think I should have gone into a training regime before the non-stop shooting this Bank Holiday. I always forget how tiring it is to carry so much heavy kit hung around my neck! No wonder so many Sports photographers walk with a stoop... I'm well on the way myself :-(

But the pain is nothing that a hot shower can't fix... and I now have the reward of some great action shots.

The latest Gallery update is for the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club's Bank Holiday Hillclimb.

This event was interrupted by a major oil spill along a length of track stretching from the start-line all the way into the tunnel. I think there was an immediate fear that the whole day could be lost as this happened during the early practice runs, but after the competitors pulled together with every broom on the hill a safe clearance was made and the fun could start again. Well done everyone.

So, with good racing weather (and for taking pics) I managed to capture plenty of action and I've had a restful day sitting on my behind editing the results.

There has already been over 40,000 views of my weekends work so I'm well chuffed. Thanks for all the interest!

Hillclimb pics are now online: