Lock-In 3 tops them all......

01st June 2014

The Full Boar Motorcycle Club raised their standards to a new high on Saturday.

The third Lock-In Guernsey Cage Fighting night went down in a noisy, excited frenzy of non-stop action at Beau Sejour.

I was ring-side in the 'hot-spot'... up a ladder leaning into the arena trying to follow the fast action. The challenge to a photgrapher is steep, but not quite as steep as the ladder!!

You have to hang on with a leg wrapped around to prevent yourself being knocked off the tiny perch when two fighters clatter into the wire mesh ring. I think a third hand would be useful... maybe I can tempt one of the Ring Girls to hold me tight next year?

With all twelve fights photographed I have a tidy pile of pics to edit. As this will take several days I have added a tiny preview as a taster of things to come.

Keep a check on this site during the next few days: