Lucky me, time to buy a lottery ticket...

03rd November 2013

Each year that I spend photographing Motor Sport I seem to have a story or two about crashes that happen near to where I am standing.

In fact it was Marc Cox's 'biggie' at Le Val des Terres earlier in the year that reminded me that when it goes wrong it can go wrong 'big time'.
Marc crashed whilst laying his bike down as low as it would go. Rider and bike slid into a bank - only after being launched several metres through the air. The bike ended in several pieces.

On this occasion I can only recall the details that I was told. I wasn't there! The point though is that on Marc's previous run I was EXACTLY there! You will be pleased to note that both rider and photographer are fine.

I suppose that at a Speed event like a Hill Climb the dangers are obvious. After all it is all about pushing the limits of how fast you can go.

What is perhaps a bit more surprising is that even the 'gentleman's' sport of Trial Biking can occasionally bring a close encounter.

It was today, whilst photographing the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club Trials meeting in Petit Bot that I guess I had a lucky moment.

The conditions where wet and very muddy. I had taken a vantage point on the edge of a stream and after taking pics of several riders I decided on changing my position. It was then that Rod Smith approached up the slippery route. He seemed to loose grip for a moment and his bike leapt forward, rotated over and landed upside-down precisely where I had been standing... ouch.

Rider and photographer where unhurt and I'll be buying a lottery ticket tomorrow ;-)