Mark Guillou make Saturday free at the Fermain Tavern...

05th January 2014

Mark Guillou has started 2014 in much the same way as he finished 2013. Hard at it!

Mark is the busiest amongst our local promoters and sound technicians. He has a long record of supporting the new up-and-coming bands and he offers them a chance to perform with the full support of his Crew. These are usually young guys who want to learn the other skills of lighting and sound that are required to make a performance to remember.

Last Saturday saw Marks new project which was headlined as Free Saturday at the Fermain Tavern. True to form Mark had set up an impressive line-up of lighting kit and the standard was set high for all the bands who will find the corner stage of some pub venues very dark and ordinary in the future :-(

I arrived early enough to photograph three of the five bands who lined up and was very impressed by Francisco who I had not seen on their first outing. I think this band is one to look out for in 2014. They were well received by a good sized crowd.

I think that qualifies as a job well done, Mark.

Putting on my grumpy photographers hat I was much happier with the lighting at this gig.... for taking pics. Marks Crew always do a great job of presenting the best lighting show for the band and audience but I sometimes struggle when it comes to taking pics... not this time though. The lighting was great!

I can say with certainty that everyone went home after having a great night out. Big thanks to all involved :-)

I've added pics of the first band. Others will follow. Click the link to view pictures of Francisco: