Maybe I could be a Paparazzi photographer after all......

02nd October 2014

I thought I could never be a 'Paparazzi' photographer.

My problem is that I'm not interested (in the slightest) by celebrity. I don't follow any Football team.... in fact I don't really follow any sport! I don't even open the celebrity pages of Newspapers and Magazines. I don't watch films or much TV. I think celebrity is artificial and rarely deserved.

I'm sure that some people will consider that by not following modern media hype that I 'don't have a life'. What on earth do I do with my days if I don't spend them trawling through the gossip columns, sports pages, TV and the Internet?

What one person lives for another will see from the opposite side and I live a life full of fun and entertainment. Our differences are what makes being human so interesting.

Now I suppose this blog will eventually have a point... if I can get around to it sometime!

Well, I got thinking about what does get my attention after a recent gig at The Fermain Tavern. There had only been moderate hype before Heymoonshaker's appearance at the 'Tav'. As I'm a regular gig-goer I dutifully arrived to listen and take a few pics.

It was whilst talking to a mate and checking out the lack of activity setting up the stage for the headliners that I realised there was actually NO 'setting up' going on. No drum kit, no stack of amps.... I began to wonder if the band had decided to go home due to what was only an very average turn-out.

But then Heymoonshaker took to the stage. They were as stripped down as it's possible to be... two guys, a single guitar and two mikes!

What were we about to receive?

The band summed up their sound in a way that I can't improve upon 'We play Beatbox Blues, no other band in the world do what we do'.

Wow, these guys have stage presence. They own a stage and they command your attention with their engaging personalities and talent. Heymoonshaker converted me into a celebrity watcher, 'cause stars is what they are!

I don't ever recall seeing a queue form at a Fermain Tavern gig to buy a band's CD, but this time I even joined it myself.

If I'm honest, I'm not sure the CD really captures the essence of the Band. The dynamic performance and stage personality will never be captured on CD.

However star quality shines through and I was certainly 'star-stuck' by Heymoonshaker. They might be the reason I become a celebrity watcher. Maybe a new career awaits me as a 'Pap'?

Don't miss a chance to see this band live...