More drama than a Hollywood blockbuster. That'll be the National Hillclimb then!

20th July 2014

WOW.... those were two amazing days of Motorsport!

When the MSA Avon Tyres - TTC Group National Hillclimb roadshow visits the two Channel Island hills we know we will be treated to top-level action... but this year had added drama that was worthy of a Hollywood film. You couldn't write it better!

We had loads of track action and excitement and also experienced all the seasons of weather.... everything from a heatwave to hail!

Of course it was Jersey who had the heatwave leaving Guernsey to supply the torrential rain and hail. However by the end of Saturday's racing we did prove that the sun does shine on the righteous Guernsey 'Donkeys'.... eventually!

We also came away from the two events with something special that the Crappo's couldn't match... not even close :-)

I have been sat down in front of my screens catching up with the two days of shooting as I have pics to select, edit, caption and submit to two National Motorsport Magazines - Autosport Magazine and Motorsport News.

Each of the publications are running Eddie Walder's race reports supported by my pics. Eddie reports and commentates on National Hillclimbs all around the UK but he certainly faces a big challenge to fit in all these meetings drama!

I've also had to submit pics to the Jersey Evening Post and the Guernsey Press.... but they are now sorted so the next priority is the website updates.

Pics of the Jersey MSA National Hillclimb are now online.....

Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention that it was a Guernseyman who won a Round of the National Hillclimb Championship in Jersey. Guernsey Donkeys are obviously fast as well as stubborn.

That's a local joke if you're not from the Channel Islands... our local arch rivals, the slower Jersey 'Crappo's' will get it ;-)

Well done to 'Guernsey's own' Darren Warwick for winning a Jersey round of the National Hillclimb Championship.

Pics from Jersey are now online. Guernsey to follow shortly: