More Greenman MCC Chaos Festival pics...

22nd July 2011

A big update has been made to the Greenman MCC Chaos Festival picture Gallery... nearly there!
The latest pics include Bands Jack Rabbit Slim, Top Buzzer, Nemesis, The Gaa Gaa's featuring Brobots, Sugar Slam, Lizzard Channel, She Haunts the Roads, Enraged, Mentallica and Spunge.
Quite a few then! This confirms what a great (and BIG) event the Chaos has become.
As I mentioned in my previous post the weather wasn't too kind but the Festival crowd were still full of energy... the Bands played a big part in this I'm sure - and the Breda (as brewed in Guernsey!)
'Keep it live' is my moto.
UPDATE: Final Band pics added include Big Machine, Bulletproof, Last of the Light Brigade, Brutus Stonefist and Underneath the Sky. JOB DONE until next year!