More Motor Sport action from the weekend...

15th March 2012

There were a couple of other Motor Sport events held over last weekend and I popped along to both of them. The only similarity between the two is that they are both 'circuit racing' events.
Like I said, that is the only way they come close in their formats!
The first meeting was the latest round of the GK&MC Kart Championship at the Track. Karting is Non-contact (in theory) and races are held on a nice clean tarmac surface.
  In complete contrast, the second event was the Guernsey Autocross Club's 'Banger' racing on Chouet beach.
Down on the sands the gentle nudge of a fellow competitor is all part of the fun and when this is combined with the loose sand surface which deteriorates as more races are completed the end result is perhaps the best Motor Sport held in Guernsey for entertaining the crowds. Passengers are also allowed in the cars - if you can find one mad enough!
I love the circuit racing classes as it opens up more opportunities for a photographer - but you do have to keep both eyes open when racing cars are hurlting past you with their drivers blinded by the sand!
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