More pics from a very busy weekends work......

03rd July 2013

As I have already mentioned in a previous blog, last weekend was an extremely busy one for me.

This is no problem at all when you are as lucky as I am. I love my job.

In the course of a working month my photographic work includes a surprising variety of shoots. The core work is for 'Commercial' clients and sees me capturing all aspects of Guernsey life including its people, properties and events. As well as that important category I also fill what spare time I have by pursuing things that interest me both as a spectator/audience and fan.

These 'personal projects' revolve around live performances, gigs and sports. The huge picture galleries on this web site are testament to how many of these occasions I photograph!

So I am now working through the third of the major events I photographed over the weekend. This was the highly successful Full Boar Motorcycle Club 'Lock-in Guernsey Round-2' at Beau Sejour. This was a repeat of last years event .... only BIGGER and BETTER! The Full Boar certainly have a crack team organising this spectacular and the whole evening ran smoothly with more Bouts than the first year and Champion fighters displaying their skills to an engrossed (and maybe a bit drunk) crowd :-)

Last year was my first encounter with this form of combative sport and I must say that I love trying to capture the action. There are many challenges including the speed, low light and of course the blasted cage... definitely better outside than inside though!

With 15 Bouts to edit it is taking some time so I have uploaded the first eight. This is to assure the guys who are chasing me for the uploads... I am on the case, promise:-)

Follow this link to view the first eight Galleries: