Moto-X Championship weekend... how many more dry races?

20th February 2012

I have just been watching the national news and one of the headline stories was highlighting the lack of rainfall in some areas of the UK.
This got me thinking about Guernsey and how long ago it is that I had to endure working with my camera kit in heavy rain. It was a good while ago!
The odd thing is that, whilst it can be pretty miserable standing out all day in torrential rain trying to protect delicate and expensive camera equipment, when I get back to the studio and edit the pics it is often that the resulting pictures feature high up my list of favourites!
Quite why this is can be argued. Perhaps the pics really are more dynamic and special... or maybe it is just that I recall the 'suffering' that went into their capture?
But I have digressed. The last weekends Motor Sport was - once again - held in unseasonalbly nice weather and standing on Guernsey's south coast cliffs taking pictures of the Motocross and Trials was a nice experience.
Of course, the alternative was to 'tick-off' one of the 'things to do around the house' that my missus has pinned to the fridge door!
I think you have worked it out why I love photography so much ;-)
The Gallery has now been updated with some new Moto-X pics. Click here if you are interested: