Moto-X riders do it in the mud... I've got the pictures!

02nd November 2013

It takes more than a few inches of mud to put off a Moto-X rider.

In fact they positively love a bit of slippery action. So that made today's track conditions just about perfect for most of the competitors. There is no doubt that a few puddles can help liven up a photograph too. This echo's what I was saying in my previous blog about the Karting Championship.

So it made for an enjoyable morning on the cliffs photographing the latest round of the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club's Motocross Championship.

The strong wind and low light levels made for a few challenges - but I did manage keep to my feet and I avoided any embarrassing slides into the grime :-)

So the riders seemed to relish their mud-bath however I definately wouldn't want the job of cleaning their bikes and race kit!

Pics are already on-line. Please take a look...