Motocross riders benefit from their Captains hard work...

23rd November 2014

I hope every Motocross rider found the time to thank their MX Captain on Saturday for the amount of effort he is putting in to ensure the Championship races take place.

Jason King has had to battle against the untimely heavy rainfall which has turned the track into deep muddy puddles. The thought of pumping, sweeping and creating drainage channels in those conditions is not a very appealing one... but some-one has to do it if the Championship is to reach its intended climax.

Of course there are many other people who donate their time to allow the racers to have their fun (not that I would consider it fun to get so muddy!)

My experience of being involved in various other Clubs - usually ending up on the Committee - is that most members seem to consider it their right to turn up to an organised event, have their fun and leave without offering a thank-you or having a thought for those who make it happen.

Can I suggest that the next time you have a chance to say thank-you... just do it :-)

If the guys who organise your fun decide that they have had enough of the unrewarding work you might just have to do it yourself. Now there's a thought!!