Motocross riders live life in the fast lane.... :-)

17th February 2013

I'm impressed!

Saturday saw another GK&MCC Motocross Championship race on the Pleinmont track. And what a pleasure it was to spend the day out on the sunny south coast cliffs of Guernsey.

The superb weather and great light seemed to turn me a bit 'trigger happy' and I fired off nearly 300 shots.... that's just not like me!

But the racing was really entertaining and I think a good time was had by everyone. I even chatted to a few marshalls who thought that it wasn't such a bad place to be!

However the thing that has impressed me most is how the interest in my pics has been recorded on the web-site log.

Due to other photographic commitments today I only just managed to upload the weekends Motocross pics late this morning. I didn't find the time to add any links to the Gallery. However I have just checked the site statistics and it seems that already over 4,000 picture viewings have been made!!

I can now officially state that Motocross riders do not lack initiative when it comes to searching out pics of their own riding.... even if I still think that they have a few nuts 'n' bolts missing when it comes to throwing their bikes around corners and into the air :-)

I somehow doubt that there are may riders who haven't already found the new Gallery of pics. But if you haven't, it is here: