Mud, mud and more MUD!

05th November 2012

The previous Motocross Championship race was cancelled due to the unride-able track condition... because of MUD!

With this in mind I guess there was a fair amount of pressure to run the racing last Saturday. Unfortunately it has probably rained every day of the two week break!! So the riders and officials were faced with a very muddy track again.

After making the best effort to reduce the surface water the racing began but it soon became clear that the bike wheels were doing a fantastic job of 'churning' the track into a real MUD BATH. No exageration here either. Wellington boots were disappearing.... but I don't think we lost any Marshalls or Riders!

The smaller, lower powered bikes simply couldn't negotiate the conditions so the track had to be re-routed for them. The senior riders managed a little better but there were many 'slow-motion offs'. The meeting will not go down as one of the memorable ones for me as there were so many disruptions. But of course they were unavoidable.

Hopefully we will have a dry spell before the next race so we can enjoy improved conditions next time. Fingers crossed :-)
Pics are now online: