Making music at the Mariners.....

16th January 2016

It's a few years since I've found my way down to the Bridge to watch live music.

I used to be quite a regular at the E&G but this habit waned when the gigs became irregular and then stopped all together. They are back now though.

But this weekend I was tempted to see how the St Sampsons scene is doing in 2016 by a different venue. I reckoned I knew what to expect as from what I could remember the Northerners always knew how to party. I should know, I'm one of them ;-)

Saturday's visit was to the Mariners Inn.

Now I'm far from a regular here but I pop in a few times a year for a quick pint when I'm in the area. However I'd never really explored all its nooks and crannies. It was one of these spaces that had been cleared to see if it worked as a setting for gigs. Out with the Pool tables, in with the drum kit!

It turned out to be quite successful as the 'cosy' area made you feel part of the gig. There's also a raised area at the back for more folk to view the bands. Even the lighting was good for me :-)

The great shame was that many of the punters didn't make an effort to walk the few feet away from the bar to support the bands... what's new, eh!

I still think that the Mariners holds promise as a worthwhile new live venue.

This gig was for charity, the Friends of Anthony Thomas - 'FoAT'. This is a very deserved cause and rumor has it that a couple more gigs might be planned. Try and support them as Mark Guillou and the bands do the whole thing for free!

I photographed a couple of the bands... Zimmer and Underdog. The pics can be viewed here: