Music has its place in most celebration and ceremony...

12th May 2015

Let me ask you to think about this for a moment... that's all the time it should take :-)

What concatenation is there between almost all celebrations and ceremony? (I'll let you look up the word if you need to)!

Or maybe I can make things easier. I'm asking what element links special events by, almost always, playing a part in the occasion.

You shouldn't struggle to come up with the answer... which is Music.

This can take the form of live or recorded, but as you should know if you read this Blog that LIVE is my preference.

There was plenty of the 'live' stuff around town for Guernsey's Liberation Day's celebrations. The music was in many, many forms.

The marching bands were out... no military event could manage without them. Then the Home Front Marquee offered a day of 40's music and song. It was so popular that it was hard to find a spare seat.

But no seating was offered for the final event of Guernsey Liberation 2015 at LibRockLive. This 'mini-festival' showcased six live bands that were intended to keep every-one on their feet and it worked all the way until midnight.

So my day finished with me capturing a few pics of the bands on an impressive stage. I've now added a picture gallery featuring Static Alice, The Recks, Buffalo Huddleston, Asylum Seekas, Fade 2 Grey and King Rat and the Soul Cats.

Check-out the pics here that prove us 'Guerns' know how to party: