My remedy for a hangover.... NOT!

07th September 2016

I wouldn't recommend my day today as a remedy for a five-day long hangover... but it seems I have no choice :-(

I've just returned from photographing the 2016 Jersey Live Festival. This year it turned into an intense five day photoshoot and party!

The festival ticked almost all the boxes... we had lots of great performances, rain and sunshine, booze (lots), and loads of fun and pics.

But real life returns all too soon :-(

In my case this means sitting at a screen trying to focus on the backlog of edits. The list includes a Hillclimb shoot, the Vale Earth Fair (big) shoot and an even bigger two days of Jersey Live.

But before all that I have Press submissions to sort out for the Vale Earth Fair, the Motocross 2-Day meeting and a quick edit of Jersey Live!

There are also the orders that came in whilst I was away that need printing and framing.

All this is enough to send my brain into a hungover spin!

However I expect no sympathy from you as it is all self inflicted and I imagine I'll do exactly the same again next year. As long as the body holds out!

To prove that I don't give up at the first sign of a hangover I've just put up the hillclimb gallery. More to follow: